Our Company boasts a tradition of more than thirty years.

Established in the early '70s, has grown over time to become a really successful business, with a daily production which has increased from about 40 to more than 2000 mattresses today.

What has not changed over the years is the passion for work and for the quality, that has been the common thread throughout our history.

A priceless heritage of craft skills, technical and technological knowledge has been handed down from generation to generation, enriched with always new and original contents to reach the levels of excellence of our production today.

We can say that all the benefits of a “handcrafted” production – the obsessive attention to quality, details, finishes – perfectly marry today with those of technology and "industriali" processes, to give rise to a product of high quality, able to succeed in international markets.

Since 2009, keeping pace with the times and the demands of the market, we have dedicated to the development of web-marketing and online sales.

Today our choice was amply rewarded, because it has allowed us to have a direct contact with the end customer, which gives us continually real perception of our work, which until now has always been appreciated.