This document is to be taken as a legal guarantee, as regulated by the Legislative Decree 2 February 2002 no.24 with the implementation of the EU Directive 1999/44, and complies with that pursuant to art. 1519 septies of the Italian civil code.

The guarantee herewith expressly acknowledges consumer rights pursuant to regulations regarding the sale of consumer goods. The consumer may therefore exercise those rights before the vendor, in accordance with the terms and conditions provided for by the abovementioned legislation and by the legal guarantee herewith.

The product is guaranteed for a period of TWO YEARS from the date of purchase.

In any case, to avail of the guarantee, the interested party must report the non-conformity to the vendor in writing within the term of two months of its discovery, on penalty of cancellation. This guarantee is not valid in all cases of improper use of the product.

In particular, the guarantee does not cover any depressions in the used surface of less than 20 mm, insofar as such values are considered natural due to the settling of the padding when subject to the weight of the human body (tolerances and measurements compliant with the standards UNI EN 10707 and UNI EN 1334).

Furthermore, for the guarantee to be valid, the label bearing the barcode, size and article, sewn onto the mattress, must be left in place. This guarantee does not cover non-conformities due to negligence or careless use – such as failure to observe the use and maintenance instructions indicated in this booklet – or damage caused by transport, in other words to circumstances that cannot be attributable to manufacturing and/or conformity defects of the product.

Should a non-conformity be reported, the company reserves the right to have the existence and the nature of the defect checked by its representative; should the defect fail to be confirmed or attributed to manufacturing and/or conformity defects, the consumer shall bear the cost of the fixed minimum charge valid for that date. The territorial limit of this guarantee is the territory of the Italian Republic.

Exstension of the Warranty

As highlighted in the previous paragraph, legislation provides that the guarantee for purchased goods is valid for two years.

However, to offer a better service to our customers, we have extended that guarantee, the differences by mattress in mattress is written in the guarantee document that you will receive at your home

Right of Withdrawal

According to Article 5, Decree Law 185/1999, private customers have the right to withdraw from the purchase without the need for forms of explanation, as long as the goods are returned sealed without damage or deficiencies.

Pursuant to paragraph 6, we note that the only expenses payable by the consumer for exercising the right of withdrawal, are the costs of returning the goods to the sender The deadline to exercise this right is 10 days from receipt of goods within which the customer is obliged to inform us:

with registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt at
Evergreen s.r.l. Via Di Settola, s.n.c. -51031 Agliana (PT)


In the letter in which you ask to exercise the right of withdrawal it is necessary to indicate details of a bank or postal account where to make the re-crediting due (IBAN code, account holder) Cash on delivery or assigned port parcels will not be withdrawn under any circumstances After checking the integrity of the goods, we will re-credit the amount already paid, no later than 30 days from the return of goods by bank transfer o the account number indicated.

The right of withdrawal, according to current legislation, it is only applicable for all standard items that should not be made on customer order.